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Professional Access Control System in NYC

Having an access control system installed at your business could help provide a high level of protection, as it can allow you to manage who is able to gain entry into secure areas. Top Notch offers and installs a wide range of systems that can help ensure your companies security, ranging from basic systems to those that incorporate the latest biometric technologies. The premise of an access control system is simple: You want to provide access to some people and keep others out, and you also may want to be able to keep track of who is coming and going, and when. Whether is for an office building, daycare center, gated community, or anywhere else in NYC, or the surrounding areas, Top Notch can analyze your needs and provide a solution that works for any size facility. We provide a wide range of access control system options to suit your security needs, including:

  • Gate entry systems for vehicles that can utilize a swipe card or code
  • Card reader or key fob systems that require an item to be swiped
  • Keypad systems that allow access by entering a code
  • Biometric systems that use fingerprints, hand geometry, iris scanning, or face recognition
Additionally, Top Notch Locksmith & Security NYC can provide emergency visit and lock-down access control systems, so businesses in NYC ,large companies, and transportation centers can allow for the safe exit of people in an emergency or be shut down instantaneously in the event of a serious threat. And, each of the systems Top Notch Locksmith & Security NYC offers can be integrated with HD video surveillance for an even greater level of security. To learn more about the access control systems and other customized security options that we offer for the NYC, area, contact Top Notch Locksmith & Security NYC today (646) 781-7070.


Professional Access Control Installation

Professional access control system installers carefully select, place and integrate every component in a key card door entry system to ensure smooth operation and compatibility, reducing risk and removing worry by preventing unauthorized access.Access Control Solutions in NYC Continuous monitoring and tracking of entries and exits. No one gains access without proper authorization. An alert will sound when unauthorized access is attempted. Extensive audit trail. This detailed information shows who was where, at what times, allowing you to better manage employee access. Remote access if desired. Authorized personnel can make system changes and review audit trails from wherever they are. An access control installer understands how door access control systems operate, and the best equipment to use in the chosen method of access control. Our experienced technicians oversee your access control system installation from start to finish and will maintain it over its lifetime.

Managed Access Systems


For mid-sized companies, a computer-based access system can track employee hours, making time cards unnecessary. This access system allows owners to give permissions to certain employees for certain areas, like file rooms or inventory spaces. For the ultimate in identification, enhance the system with biometric fingerprint scanning. This option deters employees who use a co-workers identity for the time clock, or worse, theft. And, for owners who are not on site, a managed access system gives them the convenience of remote log-in from anywhere. Additionally, Custom Security Systems also manages access systems for companies.



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